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Box Crate Service

The Computer Crate

This crate is specially designed to hold up to a 21" CRT computer monitor, all sizes of CPU/computer, and related equipment such as the mouse and keyboard.

Size: 649 x 459 x 585mm / 25.6 x 18.1 x 23"
Weight: 7.5kg
Volume: 165 litres
Suggested Uses: for transporting and storing a PC, CRT Computer Monitor and accessories.

Flat Screen Computer Crate

This crate is specially designed to move and store computers with flat screen monitors, and relevant accessories. The crate is designed to be compactly filled, which reduces the risk of screen damage during relocation.

Size: 590 x 550 x 450mm / 23 x 21.5 x 18"
Weight: 7kg
Volume: 140 litres
Suggested Uses: This crate is ideal for moving and storing a PC, flat screen monitor and its accessories.

The Personal Crate

The LC1 plastic crate is small and compact, and therefore ideal for packing up personal items, such as desk contents and journals.

Size: 321 x 244 x 295mm / 12.6 x 9.6 x 11.6"
Weight: 1.87kg
Volume: 25 litres
Suggested Uses: For transporting and storing personal items.

The Medium Size Crate

The LC2 or 'Stair Crate' is a mid sized lidded container and its compact size allows easier handling by a wide range of users. Its larger than the LC1 and smaller than the LC3. Allowing easy handling on stair jobs, hence its name the 'Stair Crate' it removes the associated health and safety risks. The LC2 Stair Crate is popular with our customers for crate rental.

Size: 508 x 335 x 285mm / 20 x 13.2 x 11.2"
Weight: 3.2kg
Volume: 54 litres
Suggested Uses: The LC2 is multi-purpose.

The Standard Lidded

The LC3 is our standard lidded crate. It's robust and strong and often used for files and papers during removals. It has an integral lid which can be sealed shut.

Size: 597 x 374 x 330mm / 23.5 x 14.7 x 13"
Weight: 4.3kg
Volume: 80 litres
Suggested Uses: This is a multi-purpose crate.


The Lidded Metre Crate

The LC6 is similar to the A6, but includes an integral lid for added security and protection for the contents. These crates can be stacked when the lid is closed, and nest when empty.

Size: 1000 x 370 x 332mm / 39.4 x 14.6 x 13"
Weight: 7.55kg
Volume: 130 litres
Suggested Uses: The LC6 is a multi-purpose crate, but is ideal for files and papers, including lateral filing systems.

General Cartons

As well as our comprehensive range of crates, handling equipment and accessories, Teacrate also supplies a full range of packaging materials for commercial office moves.

These packing products are designed to assist with relocation, site protection and protecting goods in transit.

Our full product range includes:

* Cardboard Boxes
* Packing Tape
* Bubble Wrap
* Polythene Materials
* Packing Paper
* Furniture Covers
* Floor Protection
* Correx board

Wardrobe Cartons

Extra strong wardrobe box for when you need to empty your wardrobe - when moving or redecorating! Includes a hanging rail, for keeping your favourite garments crease free when moving or storing.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap packaging is transparent or translucent, made of a special type of plastic material with integral air pockets called blisters. These air blisters absorb the shock upon impact, providing extra security for contents and minimises damages of even the most fragile items.


We stock a comprehensive range of packing tape products, all of which are strong, heavy duty and ideal for securing cardboard cartons. Tape is also useful for securing our Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper products. The range includes polypropylene, PVC and masking tape products.

Fragile Tape

'Fragile' printed packing tape for easy recognition of boxes requiring careful handling. A strong and durable tape for securing moving boxes.

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